Bible Basics

the Bible can seem quite intimating because of how big it is, the words are big, and even the names of people are big. BUT – looks can be incorrect. the aliveness, the peace, and the love found in those pages are literally like no other. and because i know how it can make one feel — i want you to feel it, too. so here are some quick, simple, first hand, bible basics.

  1. The version of the Bible makes a difference. i don’t recommend starting in the King James version. Start with the New Living Translation, English Standard Version, or New International Version. it is much easier to read, and the words don’t seem as big 😉
  2. don’t beat yourself up when you are reading and don’t know who they’re talking about or where a location is. it is going to take time to grow in knowledge and to know the family histories. google always helps!!
  3. the Bible does not be to read in order!! honestly, for beginners, start in the New Testament. the book of John, Romans, Philippians, Ephesians, or Hebrews. Psalm, in the Old Testament, is a super powerful +  peace filling. I read out of Psalms EVERY DAY. (its also right in the middle of the Bible ;))
  4. don’t own a Bible yet? good thing we’re all obsessed with our phones and you can download the Bible app! the Bible app has different versions, explains verses, has bible studies, explains the stories of the Bible, and so much more. i love my Bible app + the amazing thing it provides.
  5. one step at a time, one verse at a time, one prayer at a time. i can assure + promise you that God will reveal Himself to you in due time, in His time.
  6. stop stressing, friend. you’re overthinking. start with a verse a day. there are no rules or certain ways to read the Bible. you will find your own rhythm.

I am going to give you details about some of the most known people in the Bible:

Moses – Moses was in the Old  Testament. He was given the Ten Commandments. He led the Israelite’s out of Egypt, through the Red Sea (that God parted). He is known as the “law-giver” because God chose Moses to first hear the 10 Commandments. Moses doubted, lost faith, but never turned away from God. God spoke, Moses obeyed.

Abraham – Abraham was directed by God to leave his country for a different land. He was an older man, who wanted many children. God promised him that he would have children at 99, and a year later, he had one. As his son, Issac, grew older, God tested Abraham. He told him to take and offer his son as a sacrifice. As hard as it was for Abraham, he wanted to obey God. So he was going to offer him, but the angel stopped him. If that doesn’t sound like a faithful man of God, i don’t know what would. Abraham had complete faith that God would provide a way for him to keep his son.

Job – Job was also a man in the Old Testament. He was a God-fearing man, who stayed faithful to the Lord. Satan knew this too, and wanted to test him. God gave Satan the OK to tempt Job, just not kill  so Satan did. Job lost all of his animals, his family, he became severely sick, he was bed ridden. Job suffered for a good while, he got depressed, he cried out, he questioned God, but never did stop being faithful. He was a man of patience.

Saul/Paul – Long story short, Paul used to be Paul. Saul was a man who was plotting to kill believers in Jesus, he couldn’t stand people talking about the Good News, he wanted to get rid of them. On the way to Damascus, God blinded Saul. He questioned Saul, asking why have you forsaken me, Saul? Why are you doing this to me and my people? Three days later, God restored Sauls eyes, he was able to see again, and he became a man after Gods own heart. His name changed to Paul, and his heart changed to Jesus. Paul then started traveling to different cities, countries, to spread the Gospel. He would do it until he was standing in a court room, or until he had bruises on him. Fast forward a couple books, Paul ends up in chains and in prison for his preaching. He sacrificed his life to make God known. While in jail, he continued to speak about Jesus, where people were writing down what he was saying. This is where the New Testament comes in. Paul wrote more than half of the books in the New Testament. These were letters from him, encouraging and speaking the Truth into believers. (He is the author of the previous books I recommended. (Romans, Ephesians, Hebrews, Philippians).

That probably did stress you out and intimate you, but really, don’t overthink it + don’t feel like you have to do anything a certain way. God just loves the fact that you interested in getting to know Him more. I am praying for you, friend. You got this.



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