He deserves more

Please hear me when I say this is all out of love. This is all because I care about your eternal life, and the life God wants to give you. You don’t have to fully agree with me, but this is where I share my thoughts and what I feel like God is speaking to me about.

God is more than the Bible verse in our bio.

God is more than the tattoo on our wrist.

God is more than the nice caption we put on our pictures on Christmas.

God is more than the prayer we pray once a month.

God is more than what we are making Him out to be.


When did we lose respect for God? Of course He is our friend, our comforter. Of course our God is the type of God to lay in bed with us and cry, hold our hand when we’re feeling weak, and laughing with us.

But He is also God. A Mighty God, the Lord and Savior, Who came in flesh to take away our sins. Not only this, but He is still the God of the Old Testament. Yes – Jesus came in the New Testament as an intercession so that we may have a relationship with God. However, just like people offered sheep and animals to God, we are still to sacrifice things for Him. Might not be animals, but the old life. The destructive sins. The selfish ways. Leaving it all at His alter.

Well, because He is God. He is the Creator of the world. He created you in your mothers womb, KNOWING how many HAIRS are on YOUR head!! He is the One who gave you life!! and a purpose! and that is something to CELEBRATE and not be ashamed of.


I think we’ve lost sight of who God is and Who Jesus is. I am not sure if the King James Version of the Bible was too hard to read, that humans have now changed Scripture, or if it’s because we are a society full of  “us”.

We go to church to make ourselves feel or look better, expecting to hear something to make us feel good. To see how it will help us. Rather than keeping the focus on Jesus.

Church is to convict us.

Scripture is to challenge us.

Jesus is to change us.

I think it is important to fill our spirits and mind with the Truth. To go back to where it all started; Scripture. Not the Message Version. Not the scripture that us humans have changed.


Find the detail in Scripture. Why does Psalm 23 say to anoint our heads with oil? Why did Jesus leave his linen folded up after He rose from the dead? Why did Jesus turn water into wine for His first miracle? Why did He choose bread and wine at the Last Supper?

My point is, there is more to it than the Bible verses we see getting posted or retweeted. There is meaning. There is small detail. There is purpose. God is not a God of the surface. He wants us to dive into His Words so that we may not sin against Him [Psalm 119:11].

Jesus. the only Name that matters and that’s deserving of our attention and life. We can give Him our whole life, yet that still won’t compare to what He’s deserving of. Doesn’t make sense. I can’t understand it. But I will accept the gift that He is offering; His sweet sweet gift.

His grace and love is so overwhelming – in the best way possible. He knew the sins we were going to commit, yet still hung on that Cross. Jesus, a perfect person, was willing to carry His own Cross weight so that we don’t have to carry the weight of our sins.

Yes, His blood was shed. Yes, you are forgiven. But this isn’t a free pass to do what we want, when we want, how we want, and yet expect Him to be present in our life? Thats not how it works.

1 John 3:6 states, “No one who abides in Him keeps on sinning; no one who keeps on sinning has either seen Him or know Him”.

Abide – to not depart, to be held, to be present, to stand in. So those who ABIDE in Jesus, are to be cautious of their sinning. Not perfect. But also not taking advantage of His grace. Because He is worth more than that. What Jesus did on that Cross is real, it is painful, it is heartbreaking, it is deep, it is important, and it is LOVE.

There is a difference between living in sin and sinning.

Living in sin – continuing to pursue sins because you know that God will forgive you.

Sinning – being a broken human, and genuinely repenting.

It wasn’t easy for Jesus to make that walk to the Cross. It wasn’t easy for Jesus to give up His will [Luke 22:42]. It wasn’t easy for Jesus to be persecuted and judged. He was flesh; He had feelings. Yet, He did it all for you. And for me.

Thats some love. Some love that deserves respect, attention, and sacrificing.

Because God is worth that much. Actually, He is worth more than that and what we can even begin to offer.

Get to know Him. Really get to know Him. Study the Scriptures, the history, the connections, the promises, the laws. Dig deep into knowing who this God is, rather than throwing a verse out there.

Because believe it or not, that verse in your bio or cross necklace you wear.. or the tattoo on your side, or even being seen in church..or even how much knowledge you have, or money you have…isn’t your ticket to Heaven.

Bow down. Get on your knees. Cry or scream. Open your hands. Lift your hands. Breathe deeply.

Turn to Gods Scripture, not humans scripture. Turn to Gods interpretations, not human interpretations. Don’t miss out on Him because you’re not turning to Him.

He loves you. And I do, too.

Seek Jesus first.

Let Him change you.

Stay grounded.




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It is never about Jesus if it’s always about us.

I pray that The Lord may speak to you through me, I can only hope I can help you in your relationship with Christ.

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