I really hope you know this.

I really hope you know how loved you are.

Not in a cliche way, but in a way that brings you supernatural comfort.

Stop looking for that reassurance in the world; for it is a different kind of love.

Loved in such a way that it surpasses all our knowledge.

God came down in human form to display this love for you.

Right on the Cross.

So that you may walk in this love He has for you.

Agape Love.

I really hope you know how much value you have.

More value than the instagram followers you have and how many likes you get.

The attention you get doesn’t define how much you’re worth. You don’t need to show your body to receive value.

Friend, that is why Jesus walked this Earth. For you to believe in His Words – that you are cherished.

Your value isn’t defined by anything but who God called you to be.

How they treated you. The way they abused you. The words they spoke over you.

They don’t define you either.

Your value isn’t found there.

It is found at the feet of Jesus.

I really hope you know God has something amazing prepared for you.

But sometimes we get it confused.

It doesn’t just fall in our lap. His plan isn’t just written out to us.

Pslam 139 states He has our future written out in His book.

But it also says in Matthew 16 that we have to die to ourselves, and take up His Cross.

This is when we give our life to Christ and let Him lead.

His fingerprints are written all over your life.

Your purpose and His plan is found here.

Pray, wait and trust. He has promised this life for you.

Now just take it.

Let His Words drown you, instead of societies.

You are here, in this waiting season, but He is preparing you,

for what He has planned.

I really hope you know the season you are in, is to display His greatness.

John nine talks about a blind man that Jesus healed.

He wasn’t blind because of his or anyone else’s sins.

He was blind so that Gods power and work may be displayed through this mans blindness.

Don’t give up. Keep going. Keep pursuing.

God isn’t going to waste this season. He is preparing you for what He has in store.

Keep praying. Keep asking. Over and over.

He hears you and He will answer you. Maybe not now, but He will.

There is purpose in your pain, significance in your season, and hope in your hurting.

Just like the blind man, you will see again.

You will.

I really hope you know this is temporary.


This depression season shall pass.

The finances will work out.

Look where you were two years ago.

Notice where you are now.

Pray for where you will be going.

He hasn’t forgotten about you.

You will get through this. Hold tight.

Cry it out, scream it out.

But don’t step out.

I really hope you know you are never alone.

Even when the tears are heavy.

When you aren’t catching a break.

It may be feel like a lonely season,

which it may.

But you are never alone.

Look next to you, there you will find His face. His arms wrapped around you.

His supernatural peace covering you.

Maybe this is the time to spend quiet time with Jesus.

Figure out who you are with just Him.

Give it all to Him; leave it at His feet; and stop picking it up.

I really hope you know God desires you.

Yes, you.

The imperfect human living in an imperfect world.

Don’t feel guilty, rather feel convicted.

Turn from your sins + come home.

You will be forgiven,

The God of this universe wants you. He doesn’t need you, but genuinely wants to know His child.

Made in His image with a divine purpose.

Who will continue to sin + fall short. But yet He doesn’t give up.

He keeps pursuing you. Do you notice it?

Be still and listen.

He is calling you home.

I really hope you know that you are so dearly loved, cherished, seen, heard, noticed, valued, cared for, forgiven, and how much purpose you have.


B. ❤


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It is never about Jesus if it’s always about us.

I pray that The Lord may speak to you through me, I can only hope I can help you in your relationship with Christ.

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