when God says be still, He means to be still

I really don’t think this verse really appeared to me until December 2015. The day before I got baptized, this verse kept popping up. Via email, via social media, via a text message, and via an email. Not planned, and totally not related. But during that week of my baptism, I felt satan. He was trying to attack, and he was trying to kill what the Lord and I had. But like always, God fulfills His promises. With God on my side, we won the attack and demanded satan out – with Psalm 46:10. be still, and know that I am God.

This verse isn’t here to just fill pages. It’s not there to just put in our bio or get a tattoo of it (guilty). The awesome part of the Word, is it written for us broken people, who need guidance and hope. So when reading the Living Word, we are to study, meditate and live it out. We can’t just read it and forget about it. Think, pray, and act. This verse has meaning, instructions, and power.

Financial issues? be still. Depression making its way back? be still. Questions and doubts about your future? be still. Dealing with a loss? be still. Trying to find rest in the midst of  a crazy season? be still. Relationship issues? be still. Feeling like prayers are being ignored or unanswered? be still. Feeling less than and unworthy? be still.

my point is — whatever you are facing or whatever may be coming your way, you just need to be still. and God is serious about it. He knows what this world and what satan is capable of doing, and He is trying to guide us in the right direction. God is preparing us and allowing us to have access to His life manual (as i call it).

mind you, it does not say be still and your life will fall together. it doesn’t say be still and every prayer will be answered the way you want. it doesn’t say be still but don’t get mad. it doesn’t say be still and God will do the rest. it says be still and know that I am God. 

be still.JPG

the God that is sovereign and almighty. the Healer, the Rescuer, the human and Spirit. the God that made and formed you in your mommas womb, the God that has a plan laid out for you and cares so deeply about you. the God that will save your life and has all the love and fulfillment you are looking for.. THAT GOD; know Him. be still, and remember and know who He is. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He is the Maker, the Father to the fatherless, and the Hope to the hopeless. He is our God, and that can never be taken away from us. He is the God is our firm foundation, our home, our comfort space. my oh my, this is the God that split the red sea, turned water into wine, made the blind to see, the sick to walk, and the dead to rise. this my friend, is the God who loves us at our worst, but yet still desires us. broken, sinners, human, stubborn, impatient people — who are still so deeply cared and loved for. this is the God He wants you to know. we continue to disappoint and turn our backs from God, but He continues to give us grace and mercy. He continues to take us back with open arms, every time. He loves us more each and every day, even when we want nothing to do with us. He is in love with us and wants the complete best life we can recieve through Him. GOD. but the best part about it? He simply just wants us. doesn’t need, but wants us. and when we are going through this crazy life, He is telling us…brayclyn (insert name), be still and know who I am. know who you are in Me. remember My promises to you. trust in My timing.

remember that God – all while being still.

take a deep breathe, believe who He says He is, remember His promises, and friend.. just be still.

“But Moses told the people, “don’t be afraid. Just stand still and watch the Lord rescue you today. The Egyptians you see today will never be seen again. The Lord Himself will fight for you. Just stay calm and be still”. Exodus 14:13-14

Just like He rescued the Israelites from the Egyptians, He will rescue you through the pain, heartache, depression, or doubts. But you gotta be still, and know who He is. Knowing Him starts with a relationship with Him.. you may be thinking its too late, but God is thinking you are right on time. listen to what God is saying, and He is saying be still.


This life is hard. There are times where i feel lost, i lose hope, and i don’t understand. but today, Lord, i am reminded of who You are. being still sounds a lot easier said than done, but nothing with You is impossible. I pray that in this season of my life, i will be still. i will stand firm in who You are and the promises You made. I pray I will put my complete trust in You during this time. I am broken, I am confused, and I am exhausted. But God, I know that You already have a plan and purpose through this season. Provide me the patience to step back, and let You be God. Give me the strength to find that trust in You and hold tight to Your hand. I am here to be still and know who You are, God. Thank you, Lord, for the guidance You provide through Your Word – so I am able to get through this. I love You Lord my strength.

In Jesus Name I pray,





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It is never about Jesus if it’s always about us.

I pray that The Lord may speak to you through me, I can only hope I can help you in your relationship with Christ.

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