stand f i r m

Oh, the high school memories.. Myself always being known as the Jesus freak, the pure one, and the non-partier. Myself being dragged down for my faith, for being obsessed with our God. Myself getting bullied for months for always being the good one, the pure one.. It all felt like a slap in the face; like I was doing something wrong. But – there was a point where I had to start standing up. Standing up in my faith. Standing up for what I believe in. Standing up for the God who deserves it all. And I did. I didn’t let others opinions change who I was.. In fact, I grew. I grew in my faith. I became more motivated to live for God, because ultimately, He is the only who is eternal.

Now, don’t take all that the wrong way. I didn’t share that for you to feel bad for me – I didn’t share it to “show off.” In fact, it gets kinda embarrassing to share. My whole purpose of sharing that was to let you all know that standing up for your faith and your beliefs is possible. You don’t know who looks up to you and who God speaks to through you.

Listen my friend, your faith is so important. Not only to you – but to those who surround you. Stand up for yourself, for God, and the relationship you have with Him through Jesus Christ.


“Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.” 1 Corinthians 16:13

{To stand firm means to stand up or offer resistance to somebody or something.}

When standing firm in your faith, it isn’t just words..Its your actions.. Adjusting your life priorities. Showing love. Making the right decisions. You start standing firm in your faith when you start to live your life to glorify God. I know, it sounds easier said than done. But you have to start somewhere.

Being strong and passionate in your faith has an affect when you get the opportunity to stand firm in your faith. With the world now, full of hatred, lies, and wrong-doings, we need people who welcome Jesus back. We are in need of fellow Christians to stand up for God. To stand up for the One who saves! Believe in yourself and believe in your faith. You don’t know whose watching you, whose looking up to you, and whose going to reach out to you. Stand  f i r m .

Stand up for yourself. Stand up for your faith. Stand up for God.

Brayclyn ❤


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It is never about Jesus if it’s always about us.

I pray that The Lord may speak to you through me, I can only hope I can help you in your relationship with Christ.

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