is it really worth it?

I’m going to get a little personal with you guys today.
I grew up in a Christian family, and was raised going to church every Sunday morning. To be completely honest, I wasn’t a big fan of it. I was always disappointed at the fact the last day of the weekend I had to wake up at 9 o’clock to go sit in a sanctuary, bored. I would sit there and stare at the pastor, counting down the minutes until I got out of there. I mostly did it for my parents. Well, I had no choice but to go, but also to make them happy.

I knew of Jesus. I knew the main story of why I believe in Jesus. I knew John 3:16 & had it memorized because every child did, am I right? As I grew older, I didn’t really know where I was in my faith, because I never saw it important, or really understood it.

While going through middle and high school, I faced challenges. We all do. I went from relationships where I made the wrong turn, to my mom getting brain surgery, to having no friends, to my grandfather passing away, to getting cyber bullied, and now having two Alzheimer’s grandparents living with me. In the midst of all this, I had no foundation. I had no set on faith. Until October of last year.

Over social media, I was devastated by the people I went to school with. I was one of those Christians who would say one thing over social media, say I love Jesus, but never really show it. I never partied. I had no desire to. I never had the desire to get involved with a guy for one night, and the next day not remember. I was different. & because I was different and had a different perspective on my own life.. I got made fun of, my mom got made fun of, I lost friends, I lost family relationships & I lost happiness. I was emotionally and mentally broken. Through two months of this happening; I told myself that I wouldn’t be able to do this. I questioned God. Why me? Is losing all of this for You worth it? I’m losing all of highschool already, over religion? What am I doing? Why do I have to be the pure one? Why am I sticking out? Why can’t I just be normal?

Well, let me tell you. It WAS worth it. The more I got emotionally torn down; the more I needed God. I was in desperate need of His comfort and His love. I was lost. But He never left me. I promise you, without having faith that God would help me through it, there would be no way I would have gotten through that situation. That summer, I got involved. I got involved with my church, with my youth group, attended connection groups, I found myself again. I found people who have the same instrest as me, and those who accept me for who I am.(Loving Jesus and rather party with Him.) I have discovered a intimate relationship and a God fearing man in my life. My mom and I only got closer through this situation. I am genuinely happy. I got baptized the end of Decemeber & gave my life to Him. Blessings come when you focus on God, no matter what you have to sacrifice.

The point of me telling you that story is not for you to feel sorry for me, or to only talk about myself. I’m living proof God is real. It is truly worth it.

“In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” 2 Timothy 3:12

It’s going to happen. Whether it be cyber bullying, bullying, friends making jokes, or people who are aggressive towards you because of your faith.

God will never leave you. He has done so much for us, we are worth it to Him. He should be worth it to us too.

We, Christians, need to have faith and trust in Jesus Christ.Through all the trials and tribulations, heartbreaks, friendships, blessings, one thing will always remain. And that is Gods love for you. Have that relationship with Him, crave it. Know that it IS worth it. Surrender your minds, souls, hearts, and bodies to Christ, and you will forever be His.




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It is never about Jesus if it’s always about us.

I pray that The Lord may speak to you through me, I can only hope I can help you in your relationship with Christ.

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